«One of the best experiences that I had here was Halloween»

Carmen hizo las maletas para cambiar su La Coruña natal por Ohio y así cursar un año escolar en Estados Unidos. Hoy nos cuenta cómo está siendo su experiencia.

Curso 2016/2017

Hi I am Carmen Cerdido,

From La Coruña, Galicia, Spain, I have 16 years old and I am during my year in USA, in a host family in Greenfield, Ohio- a little place in near Chicago. I want to tell everyone how is going my year here, I started with a family that I don’t really like, but I could chose and I change it, my new host family is the best host family that I can have, I feel happy all days and I am like other kid in the family.

Here all is very different, and is difficult the first three or four weeks, but then you get adapted and is all a lot more easy.

I am in a little place, with not a lot of people, but I think is the best, because you can adapt better and know the people easy. I love the school, is different but I prefer like this, everyone is very nice and help me a lot, includes the teachers.

I had homesick the first month because is difficult stay that far away of your house, parents, family, friends, with a language that you don’t speak perfect, but after 2-4 weeks you are used to, and all is a lot easy, you start to like it and start to enjoy this experience

One of the best experiences that I had here was Halloween was so great, they celebrate Halloween like a very big thing, and you go to a lot of places to do Trick or Treat and all people is dressed. Other can be the dance :”Homecoming”, is like the dances of the American’s movies, that you go with this dresses and heels and with your hair perfect and your date go to your house to pick you up, you go dinner in a date and then you go to the dance, and you dance with him slow and fast songs…

I think this is the best decision that I did in my entire life, is a very great experience, and I encourage everyone to try.

Muchísmas gracias Carmen por haber compartido con nosotros tu experiencia de año escolar en Estados Unidos.

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